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I was seriously obsessed with his work for a while, he does the kind of photography I only dream about, shots at night, long exposure (up to 10 hours), film only!.

He uses the varying degrees of normally occurring darkness, light and contrast that night brings to create shifting moods of abstract beauty. Anyone who has been out walking alone at 3 a.m. will immediately recognize the inherent stillness and loneliness of these moments.

My personal favourite:


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The British actress stars in Pringle’s Spring/Summer 2010 campaign as photographed by Ryan McGinley. Beautifully captured in the rugged terrain of Scotland’s highlands, McGinley also shot the Academy Award winner for a short film. “Pringle’s my mother’s milk. It’s what we grow up with,” she said.

Breathlessly travelling through the wildlife of Scotland, a dark forest framed by a bleak sky and rustling meadows, the Scottish filmmaker and photographer McGinley shoots a quiet and moving short film, highlighting Scottish heritage moving between the open moors to the dark caves and cobbled ruins surrounding the ethereal beauty of the androgynous Academy Award winning actress Swinton. McGinley artistic direction portrays Pringle’s loyalty to its Scottish roots as a brand and quirky creativity in its new collection on the most fitting of subjects.

Both the film, and pictures can be seen here:  www.pringlescotland.com

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