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Piano Magic is a musical collective formed in the summer of 1996 by Glen Johnson, Dominic Chennell, and Dick Rance in London, England. Their sound has been described as ambient pop, post-rock, indietronica, coldwave, dark wave and ghostrock. While the most recent releases have seen them operating with a traditional band format, they originally started their career with the intention to base their recordings around their small nucleus and whoever else would like to contribute. Glen Johnson is the only remaining band member from the original trio.


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Don’t know much about her, I think she’s from London. First noticed her photos when I googled Patrick Wolf, and what a surprise. One of the first pics I saw taken by her was with a Holga, so I immediately loved her,  and her blog is quite interesting  as well http://rebeccatakespictures.blogspot.com. There’s a little about everything there, so you should check it out.

First pic I saw:


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Hal Sear (London, UK)

Hal Sear is a 24-year-old Royal College Of Art Graduate whose large-scale photographic portraits explore concepts of personal identity within the confines of hauntingly atmospheric scenarios. Referencing themes from film and popular culture his work plays on the human desire for otherness, creating scenes where the self is replaced with an illusive, beautiful, yet fictional screen character.  



…your work all about?
It’s about creating something I want but can’t have.

…the most important thing an artist should remember?
If there is something wrong with you, then take it out on someone else!


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